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Pet S.O.S is a registered not-for-profit foundation dedicated to providing financial aid to economically disadvantaged pet owners whose companion animals are in need of emergency or specialty veterinary care. Our charity is Ontario based and funding is available only to Ontario residents at the present time.


At Pet S.O.S we recognize that, more and more, our pets have become members of our families and for many people their companion animal is their only family.

Animal Care

Every day pet owners make the excruciating decision to euthanize their pets, or to have them live with chronic pain and injury, due entirely to their inability to access the funds required for the animal’s care.

Financial Burden

This preventable loss and suffering can be devastating to individuals and families alike. It is the mission of the Pet S.O.S to lessen or eliminate the financial burden of emergency and specialty veterinary care in order to help both vet owners and veterinary practitioners in caring for these beloved animals.


By providing financial assistance to cover the costs of caring for sick and injured animals of financially disadvantaged pet owners

All Animals

Pet S.O.S attempts to ensure that each and every animal in these circumstances receives the care they need.


Pet S.O.S was founded in 2006 by members of the veterinary community, along with a number of concerned pet owners. A professionally recognized association, the Foundation is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors.


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how we work

When it comes to funding, the following highlights provide an overview of the process:

  • When a pet owner brings their animal to a veterinary emergency clinic and it is established that the pet owner is in need of financial assistance, the attending veterinarian can apply to Pet S.O.S for funding to defray the costs associated with the animal’s emergency or specialty care. (Note that a pet owner must meet specific criteria to qualify for financial assistance.)
  • Pet S.O.S will rely upon the attending veterinarian to provide accurate and detailed information about a pet’s medical history and requirements for successful treatment.
  • The attending veterinarian must select the appropriate funding category based on the criteria outlined by Pet S.O.S and support the pet owner’s application for assistance.
  • All submitted information will be reviewed by a committee of the Borad headed by a Veterinarian.
  • If an application is successful, the associated funds will be applied directly to the emergency clinic's bill for treatment of an animal.


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qualifying for funding

Pet S.O.S is a registered not-for-profit foundation dedicated to providing financial aid to economically disadvantaged pet owners whose companion animals are in need of emergency or specialty veterinary care.

Pet S.O.S was founded in 2006 by members of the veterinary community and by concerned pet owners, and is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors. It is the mission of the foundation to assist both pet owners and veterinary practitioners in providing exemplary care for companion animals by lessening or eliminating the financial burdens of treatment, diagnostics and/or research.

Studies have shown that nearly 70% of Canadian households are pet owners yet the average income of these households is often not sufficient when faced with the potential for large veterinary bills associated with emergency, critical and specialty care. Though awareness has increased with regards to the treatment options available, this is not true of the costs of this standard of veterinary care, especially in Canada, where the general populace is not acquainted with the costs of healthcare. Pet owners are often unaware of the potentially high-costs of emergency and specialty veterinary care, and are therefore generally unprepared financially when a situation arises in which they require these services for their pets. When owners are not financially prepared it is the animal who suffers the most, without the ability to pay for these services euthanasia is frequently the only option.

Funding is currently provided on a case-by-case basis through specific veterinary emergency clinics in Toronto and often involves a referral from a primary care veterinarian. Cases funded must be emergency or specialty in nature with a good prognosis (and cannot be for a condition requiring ongoing care such as chemo therapy etc.). Pet owners must meet one of a variety of criteria.

If you feel you qualify for financial support from Pet S.O.S, provide your veterinarian with all required supporting documentation. They will make the application to Pet S.O.S Please see “How We Work” above for more details.


Pet S.O.S provides funding to the following veterinary practices: Lawrence Park Animal Hospital, 3158 Yonge Street and Central Toronto Veterinary Referral & Emergency Clinic, 1051 Eglinton Avenue.

happy tails

Our recipients' stories.
Featured Story

woman with her dog
Hi, meet my dog Nikala. She is my life, my best friend. I almost lost her on May 10th. She was hit by a car. It was a total accident, she ran towards another dog across the street, her leash fell out of my hand and she ran into oncoming rush hour traffic. My dog, has a typical Chihuahua personality…she thinks the world evolves around her and that everything and everyone, including cars will stop for her.

She survived but she was screaming. I’ve never heard my dog scream the way she did and she would not stop. I was terrified and I didn’t know what to. A stranger who saw what happened told me to go to a veterinary emergency clinic. I called them on the way there and they were there waiting for my dog. Immediately they took her and started looking after her. I told them that I did not have a lot of money. Their response was, lets get her settled first, assess what wrong and we’ll work out the money part later. It turned out that her tail was mangled with a open wound. I could see right through to the crushed broken bone in her tail. As well, her pelvis was broken in three places. It would cost approximately $5000 to help my dog and she needed emergency surgery.

I was penniless. I had been unemployed for an extended period (fall out from the recession) and had just recently gone back to work. I was basically restarting, re-establishing my life and rebuilding myself financially. I certainly was not prepared for such an emergency. The emergency intake and overnight care wiped out what little savings I had managed to accumulate. I was helpless. Not only that I felt like a failure and felt that I had made the worst decision ever.

I had moved to Toronto two months ago to be closer to my new job. I was overwhelmed with guilt and could not help but tell myself that if I had not moved to Toronto my little Nikki would be okay. I did not know where to turn. I tried to borrow from family, friends, but I very quickly learned that being unemployed for a longer than normal period, does not instil lending confidence in people, even if you share the same blood. I had no more money and could not give my dog the care she needed.

The doctor looking after my dog told me about Pet S.O.S and encouraged me to apply. A night had passed and time was working against my dog. I was just about to make the heart wrenching decision to put Nikki down. I could not afford the care she needed and did not want her to continue suffering. Just as I was about to pick up the phone and make the call he called me and told me not to worry that everything was being taken care of and that my dog was being prepped for surgery. The level of care that Pet S.O.S funded was incredible. My dog has first class treatment and was able to spend a full 5 days afterwards in the hospital recuperating. Thank God for the Pet S.O.S. They helped me when I couldn’t help myself, they help helped my dog when not even I could help her. They saved my dogs life.


more happy tails…

Kaileigh’s Story...

Kaileigh has been my best friend for almost 8 years now. I got her at the SPCA in Montreal in 2002. She was 6 months old. She has been there through countless moves and lifestyle changes. I was 21 when I got her. She has been the one constant in my ever changing life. She has been everywhere with me. She is the most patient dog in the world! Such a lovely soul – she truly is my soul mate.


Shiva, an adorable female Bichon Frise, was a mistreated, suffering animal when she was adopted by Ali Bordar in 2009. Care and kindness restored her and, with no other relatives in Canada, Shiva became Ali’s family and constant companion.

On Thursday, March 11,2010, while on their customary walk, disaster struck. Frightened by an aggressive dog, Shiva darted into traffic and was struck by a car.


Coco is a Chocolate Lab born on October 10, 2009. He was a very hyper and loveable puppy, always excited to see you come home. He loved to play with other dogs and enjoyed going for training. Coco was a puppy that would never sit down or take a nap if there were people around because he didn’t want to miss anything.


Simple, effective and a positive, healthier outcome for everyone involved.

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